BHT Glo-Air is a (PAPR) for healthcare professionals working in clinical settings that require long hours of work in a healthy and comfortable atmosphere. Via a battery-powered airflow mechanism, BHT's revolutionary design continuously provides filtered air inside a protective hood. The BHT Glo-Air is a positive pressure respirator that allows you to breathe comfortably while avoiding fogging and discomfort.

BHT Glo-Air has a replaceable greater filter that can filter up to 99.99 % of airborne particles. This provides the wearer with clean, filtered air and allows for long periods of use.

Respiratory protection systems can offer comfortable, integrated protection against multiple hazards helping to provide respiratory, head, face, eye, and hearing protection.

  Why Choose a SMART PAPR?  



BHT Glo-Air is designed as a user-friendly suite with inputs from doctors and health workers facing daily hazards and tough conditions.


BHT Glo-Air is true protection for COVID-19 sensitive health workers, ICU, and Surgeons.


BHT Glo-Air is designed to keep the (OSHA) compliance to successfully provide air supply.


The coronavirus measures between 0.05 to 0.20 micron in diameter. It inlets air through laboratory filters captures 99.99 % of particles down to 007 microns stopping the virus at entry with a life of 100hrs for the filters which are imported and available. The modular user-friendly replacement of filters with ISO taper self-locking is of major advantage.


Up to 360 lts/min of airflow is provided by the squirrel caged centrifugal blower design.



The device is UV sterilised or disinfected with alcohol wipes or sprayed according to hospital disinfectant requirements.


The whole machine was strapped to the belt and weighed just 1.3kg.


The disposable suit with a built-in visor offers full vision, a good feeling, and secure service to infected patients, with a built-in kink for virus-free air supply.

The smart suit is battery-powered, with a recharge time of 8 hours and a capacity of 20000mAH. Hands-on or hands-free control via a mobile app with non-contact activity is available.

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