Excitement meter

The excitement meter works on the principle of recording the excitement level of the guest.

It basically determines how much excitement a guest can show either to win or to participate in an interactive activity.

Guest will have to dance or make movements in order to show his/her excitement. Our sensor records and calculates their excitement level to give a numeric output.

The guest will be declared the winner by crossing a certain threshold excitement level within 30-60 seconds.


Play football in a limited space using our technology. The guest gets to play football virtually by mimicking the play in front of the screen. The motion is captured using a Kinect motion sensor which transfers the gesture onto the screen and the guest enjoys the gaming experience.


Instigate the cricket passion of your guest by making them play cricket virtually. They play in real in front of a big screen where the real motion is sensed by our Xbox which is converted into virtual motion on the screen.