Scanny is the best way to display your product in a creative manner. The sliding display will give a see-through effect thereby showing the detailing of the product along with the information to be conveyed. This not only promotes the product but the manner in which it is displayed appeals to your valuable customer.

Peddle to Logo Up

As the participant starts cycling, the device detects the speed by calculating the number of rotations per minute. The speed of lighting up the logo or filling of the bottle is controlled through the speed of peddling. Then the winner can be provided with goodies.

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Run To Light Up

To promote a healthy life and to induce a competitive spirit, we provide an activity called Run To Light Up.

This is a multiplayer activity wherein the participants run on the Run Pad which will light up the LED strip. 

The extended light strip glows based on the intensity of the run. The first one to complete is declared the winner of the game.

Digital High striker 

Want to be like Thor? Check your energy level with our Hammer activity. The participant uses his best of the energy levels to hit on the platform using a hammer. The energy level with which the participant hits on the platform is displayed on the screen. Filling up of logo or the brand correspondingly can be done too.

laser dodge.jpg
Laser Dodge

Experience the role of being a spy by dodging the laser beam and moving from one end of the room to another.

The setup consists of a laser beam transmitter and a receiver.

Whenever a person crossover the laser beam, the discontinuity in the laser beam is sensed by the receiver which blares a loud alarm.

Batak Pro

A metallic structure with small LED cluster lights as shown in the figure is the setup of Batak Pro.

While the lights pop up randomly, the guest has to hit/tap on the lights.

The lights can be designed even as a picture or a logo. 

The guest will get 30-60 seconds duration to play the game where-in the count of the pop-up hits has to be maximum.

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