Laser Music

Laser Music helps the participant to create musical notes just by the movement of hands in the air, over the laser beam.

The laser beams which are made visible by a small amount of smoke in a dark room, provide visual guidance to the user to reduce the difficulty of using a non - contact instrument as well as enhancing an appealing optical effect for the user.

The system uses a number of sharp distance sensors to map the position of the user’s hand to make variations in pitch. The user should move the hand to different heights to achieve the desired pitch. 

The laser beam should be broken to trigger the desired note.

Virtual Music Instruments

 A virtual instrument is a software instrument that acts as a sound module.

As the participants step on the instruments, it emanates the sounds of the instruments.

The instruments can be vintage keyboards, basses, analog synthesizers, pianos, orchestral instruments, drum machines and much more!